Identity Video

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Undergraduate student-faculty research is an important college selling point. (Click the image to play the video.)

Assignment: To create a series of videos highlighting student-faculty research, an increasingly important undergraduate experience.

Services: Talent recruitment, interviewing, and coaching; video shoot; editing and post-production; ancillary copy for distribution channels.

Process: Working with the client, NCP interviewed a dozen potential faculty subjects before selecting six student-faculty pairs for the project. We conducted preliminary interviews with all subjects, scheduled on-camera interviews, and shot extensive b-roll footage to illustrate the narratives. After editing and post-production work, we delivered short versions for Facebook and Instagram, and longer versions for use on the client’s website.

Results: Click rates and elapsed view times exceeded expectation; permanent placement on the website gave the material an extended shelf life.

One unintended benefit was that faculty participants in the project felt strong support for their work with students, and in nearly every case increased their involvement in other enrollment recruiting activities.