Enrollment Search Campaign

Prompt response to prospective students is essential.

Prompt response to prospective students is essential.

To create a national search campaign to identify prospects and increase applications.

Multi-touch print, email, and social media ad campaign to reach 100,000+ appropriate prospects.

Process: Working with senior enrollment leadership, NCP conceived a four-stage print and email search campaign, capped with a 12-page search response booklet highlighting the college’s strongest calls to action.

Mailing data was purchased by the client from six sources. NCP partners cleaned and combined the lists, created print and digital content for the search sequence and the search response publication, and printed and mailed the materials. The client’s in-house communication team developed the graphics and created the email versions.

The search program contributed to an overall increase in applications of more than 10%. Enrollment came in above goal, meeting institutional targets for academic profile, diversity, and net revenue.